But now dogs in the Bay Area have two, count ‘em, two monthly newspapers catering to their needs. The Woofer Times claims to produce 40,000 free papers per month distributed at over 650 locations in the Bay Area. Fetch the Paper is distributed at 150 locations, primarily in the North Bay. Both papers are great if your Google is broken and you have no other way to find a veterinarian, gourmet pet store or dog walker in your area.

Why two new newspapers for dogs and their people at a time when human newspapers are struggling and consolidating to stay in business? The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association reports that the pet industry has grown from $28.5 billion to $38.4 billion in the last five years – a whopping 35% increase. While the number of dogs and cats is relatively stable, that means consumers are spending more on fancy treats, toys and accessories – yet another indication that dogs are the new children.

If you want to take your child, we mean, faithful companion with you for lunch or a beer on a nice sunny day, may we suggest the Atlas Café on 20th at Alabama in the Mission. They have a great outdoor patio with a separate entrance off of Alabama where canines can hang out, complete with water dish. The patio is attached to a cool coffee shop/bar/café so there are lots of food opportunities. The downside is dogs are not welcome inside, which is sorely tempting given all the great food smells, and the cold concrete patio offers little in the way of creature comfort. 2.5 St. Bernards.

By contributing SFists Stan and Bailey (pictured above, celebrating her birthday last month at her formerly favorite bar, Treat St. Cocktails. Formerly, because they lost the machine that sells dog treats.