And you know what? We just don't really care about this. The whole Bonds chasing Ruth thing? So over it.

You know how you're at a party and there's this guy who says they know this great trick and so they gather everyone around and try it, only to fail. And then they try it again and fail. And then again and again until after like the fifth or sixth time, they finally do it, but at that point, everyone has already moved on to something else? That's what this thing has been like. Yeah, call it a function of our general attention deficit disorder and wanting to be entertained here and now, not have it dragged on week after week after week (unless it involves polar bears on tropical islands and strange buttons in strange hatches and even that grates), but waiting game after game after game for these big hits just finally bored us to it all. And we know we're not the only ones.

Or maybe because this whole thing hasn't really been that inspiring. When the season started, we thought it would be the Same Ole Barry and it would be one of those things that would glue us to the radio/TV game after game, like when he hit 73. Then the season started and it was obvious Barry was hurting and we thought it was going to be almost heroic-- the battered champion rising up to meet his last challenge as it were. But then it became apparent that the hero, never really that heroic to begin with, was actually pretty broken down and beaten and, well, old. Quoth the Sports Guy: "Bonds just isn't that compelling anymore ...I mean, I can think of 50 baseball subplots right now that are more compelling than some broken-down dude limping around and trying to break a milestone that he cheated to get."

Oh yeah, and the Giants lost too. Which is another reason why we're so over it. Right now, we have no idea just what kind of ball team we have on our hands-- we like the cut of the Giants jib but find them once again completely frustrating in their inability to put it all together and start with the serious winning. The NL West is completely ready to be had by the Giants if they put it together. Something they seem completely unable to do. With Bonds now at 715, everyone can start worrying about the really important thing-- just what the hell is up with this team?

Of course, if Barry starts going on a tear, completely disregard this post.