The truth is out there -- in Cordelia, outside Vallejo, at the International Bird Rescue Research Center. A technician x-raying a male mallard duck with a broken wing looked down at the x-ray and saw..... THE FACE OF AN ALIEN!!! AAAAAAAAAAGH!!! (We've helpfully circled the face for you on the picture).

Can we just quote from this excellent press release?

The IBRRC staff discussed if an alien life form was either consumed by or trying to communicate with the people of Earth through the duck, because the center is located in an area of California known for its mysterious crop circles. Karen Benzel, Public Affairs Director for IBRRC noted that the symmetry of the alien's face is perfect, with an intense grimace, as if it was in anguish after being eaten.

They don't know where the alien face came from, though results of the duck's necropsy are still pending. (The duck died of its injuries.... or ???). They'll be auctioning off the x-ray on EBay, to benefit the group. The auction goes live on Sunday.

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