We have been totally obsessed with Harvard sophomore Kaavya Viswanathan's woes. Every day, we would think, Bostonist is so lucky. Isn't there any connection here to the Bay Area?

Well, now we have one! And for our Assembly District 12 Ma v. Ja column, no less! State legislator (and former child actor) Sheila Kuehl has accused Janet Reilly of plagiarizing Kuehl's health care proposal and claiming it was her (Reilly's) own. Get Kissed Get Wild!

Reilly claims it's not true, and that Kuehl is supporting "Sacramento interests" who want Ma elected over her. Kuehl requested that a reporter asking her about that allegation say, "make sure to say that I laughed uproariously at that," claiming that Sacramento interests hate her (Kuehl). Given that Kuehl's other big news is that she's trying to get gay history into textbooks, we believe Kuehl on that one.

Matier and Ross report that Reilly says she might have used some of Kuehl's ideas, but it's all footnoted in her proposal. Reilly also says at least she has a health care plan, unlike Fiona Ma.

So what's going on? Did Reilly actually get kissed and get wild? We do a little investigation into the claims, after the jump. Only a little, though.

Opal Mehta