This weekend, inter-league play rears its ugly head as the Giants travel cross the Bay Bridge to take on the A's in Oakland. Shouldn't Gavin and Jerry be making bets on these things, like they always do during big sporting events? Like maybe Gavin can send burritos to Jerry if the A's take the series and Jerry would send ribs to Gavin if the Giants take this year's series. Or maybe, if the Giants win this year's series, we can send all of our homeless people to Oakland but if Oakland wins, they can send all of their homeless people to us?

Anyways, both teams are having similar seasons so far, flitting around .500 yet still deep in easily winnable division pennant races. Both teams are also currently on hot streaks, the A's have won four in a row and the Giants did things to Houston that, if it were Little League games, would have caused each game to have been called early due to the Mercy Rule. While Giants' fans are still feeling all doom and gloom-y, A's fans are, well, do A's fans even pay attention to the first half of the season? Or do they just wait for the second half when the A's start their inevitable hot streak? Right now, this part of the season is just filler to the A's, like most of this season's "Lost."

Oh, and blah...blah...blah...Barry stuck at 713...will he do it this weekend?....blah...blah...blah...This whole Barry chasing Ruth thing? Bored now.