We'll be straight with you -- we're having a hard time following the whole "is Annemarie Conroy qualified" debacle that's been afoot for the past few days -- something about a report being released and how the Office of Emergency Services isn't really prepared for an earthquake? C'mon, guys, all they need is enough water and power bars to get through the first 72 hours!

So apparently Conroy put in for more money than she thought she'd need, and has spent most of her Homeland Security money hiring middle managers. No one knows which radio channels to use in the case of an emergency, our coroner is in a seismically unsound building, the assessor-recorder has no written emergency plan, and the plan for dealing with terrorism doesn't actually list any San Francisco landmarks that might be on Al Qaeda's short list. How can that be? Thomas Hawk's already been told he can't take pictures anywhere!

Conroy has come out swinging, claiming it's all untrue, but has also agreed to implement most of the report's suggestions. Harvey Rose, the author of the plan, says if Conroy can refute anything he's said, "I'll eat those specific facts printed in the report with ketchup." Is ketchup on the list of supplies you need for earthquake readiness?