Are fast food joints the blight Schlosser and company would have us believe, or are you "lovin' it"? (Incidentally, have you seen that McDonald's commercial where the prone McD's customer slides along the sidewalk into the restaurant, apparently a testament to the powerful wake-up effects of en Egg McMuffin? All we can think about when we watch that is how gross the idea of lying down -- let alone, letting one's body slide -- on the sidewalk in front of McDonald's is. Ugh.)

We'll let Morgan Spurlock handle the whole blight issue, while we check out this nifty Google maps hack (sent to us by Friend of SFist Ed) that shows us the locations of all the McDonald's, Burger Kings, Wendy's and Jack in the Boxes in the city. Wow, Wendy's is really getting its ass kicked, isn't it?

For those of you reading from elsewhere, there's also a map of the contiguous states to get your head around. Good to know that the next time we're after a cool Happy Meal toy, we can rely on something besides our increasingly fuzzy memories of our meat-eating days.