In the first round, Pelosi is up against a tough challenger, #1 seeded Cynthia McKinney. McKinney is the Tupac quoting, police beating congresswoman from Georgia who is, for all intents and purposes, bat sh-- crazy. Tough draw, there Nancy.

Also, via Wonkette is a description of DiFi's "five-bedroom Italianate mansion" styled Pac Heights abode which she and her husband bought for a cheap, cheap, price of 16.5 million. We wonder if this is the reason why she's suddenly claiming poverty when it comes to flying. During a recent vote the Senate held banning Senators from using private, corporate jets to fly to-and-fro, or at least to reimburse the corporation for which it was "borrowed," DiFI was one of many who voted against it. Said our Senator about why she voted against it and why she refuses to fly commercial: (unfortunately, Times Select): "It's too expensive.''

Here's a piece of advice for Ms. Feinstein: