We're totally afraid that we're gonna jinx ourselves by spilling the beans like this, but we can't hold back any longer: this week, we're actually going to get to ask Muni's Executive Director Nathaniel P. Ford all the questions we've been (rhetorically) asking since his appointment in January of this year. That's right: Mr Ford has graciously agreed to be interviewed by SFist -- but something tells us we won't get to the question about who he'd set Gavin up with.

In preparation for this meeting, we've been talking with some of the smartest and best informed Muni riders we know (thanks, Jamison!), and, of course, new questions to ask Mr. Ford strike us every time we ride Muni (for example, does he ride Muni to work? What line? Oh, god, does that make us sound like a stalker?)

Our Muni posts are the only ones that seem to bring our diverse readership together -- vegan or omni, green or red, we all have concerns about Muni. When we speak to Mr Ford on Wednesday, we want to be sure that we're representing the concerns of as many of y'all as possible.

If you have a question you'd like us to ask Mr Ford, drop it in the comments or email it to us. We can't promise we'll ask them all, but we'll ask as many as we can get to.

Image by David Spark