Now that our long, national nightmare is over and Brett Favre has announced that he's both playing this season and maybe next season, it's time to check in with our Bay Area teams as both have made significant additions to their rosters over the past week or so.

Last Thursday, the 49ers traded backup QB Ken Dorsey and a seventh round pick in next year's draft to the Cleveland Browns for QB Trent Dilfer. Dilfer has achieved a sort of infamy in the NFL as being the nullifying response to any statement regarding the importance of QBs. As in "you really need a star QB to win the Super Bowl." In which case one would respond "oh really, what about Trent Dilfer?" and immediately shut the person up. Or they could say "it's important to have a mobile QB to win" in which case you would say "but what about Trent Dilfer?" and once again, the other person would have no response. Actually, it's a pretty good pick up for the Niners, a team that is impressing in it's ability to actually do what they say they want to do. They needed a backup QB last year and for whatever reason, didn't get one, so went out and got themselves one this season. Dilfer, a winner and all-around-nice guy, would mentor Alex Smith and provide help whenever needed, kind of a Mr. Miyagi to Alex Smith's Daniel-San. Dorsey gets a big "don't let the door hit you on the way out" from Niners fans mainly for his game killing last minute interception last year, beautifully illustrated in this 49ers News Duck-Cam.

As for the Silver & Black, Raiders fans still grumbling about not taking Matt Leinart, thus robbing an entire community (especially SFist) of Paris Hilton & Matt Leinart sightings (damn, you, Al!) can at least be glad in knowing that on Sunday, the team signed Rod Smart. Smart, of course, gained infamy in the XFL for wearing "He Hate Me" on his jersey, thus becoming more known as the "He Hate Me" guy, the only actually successful thing about the XFL. Signing Smart to the Raiders is such an obvious move that we don't know why it took so long to happen. Considering how "Commitment to Excellence" has become a bit antiquated, we think a new motto of "They Hate Us" much more appropriate.

It also goes without saying that anybody who can rock a 'fro that good is a-ok in our book.