Old Navy has finally realized the errors of its ways and is hoping to find a new dog mascot to fill Magic’s sizeable paws. If your mutt (pure breeds need not apply) has what it takes to saves a sagging discount retailer, you can take him or her to an open casting call at the Marina Green on May 13 from noon to 4 p.m. If you can’t make it to the casting call, you can submit your information online at the Old Navy site.

If you think a cocktail might make your pooch less nervous for his or her big audition, we would recommend you check out Kilowatt on 16th St. near Guerrero. It is hard to visit Kilowatt and not see two or three dogs inside, where there is lots of room to run around and you can sit pretty much anywhere but behind the bar. There is usually a source of water near the entrance but the place is light on snacking opportunities. A great bar for dog socializing and a solid 3 St. Bernards.

SFists Stan and Bailey, contributing