We were reading the Chron this morning and read up on their story about the planting of palm trees throughout the city. Let's just say right off we like palm trees. And let's just say that while we often find it kind of funny that we are planting palm trees in a city known for having tropical kind of days maybe once or twice a year, we still like the thought behind it. In fact, we think it's in a way, very San Francisco in that it shows our belief in being something reality says we're not but who cares?

Anyways, while the story was mainly about the history of the trees and our determination to plant more of them, we couldn't happen to notice that there was some criticism of the trees mentioned in the story. One person brings up the fact that from an environmental standpoint, palm trees aren't exactly the best trees in that regards, or at least there are infinitely more trees that could do better. But it was this statement by Randy Shaw of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic that caught our attention. Randy complains that the trees are "are associated with upscale places like Miami Beach" and that the planting of them on 6th street, where many poor can be found, "sends the wrong message."

We think that's a good point, actually. This being San Francisco, it definitely means that not only do the trees we plant should send a message, but a tolerant message, one that supports the plight of the poor and the oppressed. But what tree would that be?

So we began to think about it. What tree would not only send a more positive message to the poor, but also be in the spirit of this city?