Local author Sasha Cagen, of the Quirkyalone movement, sent us the following request for her upcoming project, The To Do List book, which was so nice we said of course we'd ask our readers if they wanted to help!

My name is Sasha Cagen. I'm the founding editor of To-Do List: a magazine of meaningful minutiae, and the author of . I'm collecting lists for a book of to-do lists to be published by Simon & Schuster in October 2007. ("To-do" is interpreted broadly: the lists could be boys/girls I have kissed, movies to see, lifelong goals, etc.) I would like to invite SFist readers to contribute their real, handwritten lists!

For more instructions on how to contribute, visit todolistblog.com.

Go on, send something in! Make sure your list has "Read SFist" on it.

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