It warms our red hearts to see workers marching here at home and around the world on International Workers' Day, otherwise known as May Day. Protests and demonstrations happened from Berlin to Indonesia, and while most were peaceful, there were scuffles with authorities. Here in the United States, the marches were to protest changes to immigration laws, and coincided with many businesses shuttering their doors as immigrant workers walked off their jobs. Marches were also held in solidarity with immigrants across the border in Mexico, where they celebrated "Un Dia Sin Gringos."

Of course, it wouldn't be the left if there wasn't a bit of bickering and internecine strife -- Josh Wolf reports that longtime activist Bill Carpenter of City College was harrassed and assaulted for taking photos by goons purportedly from ANSWER. And while the SEIU Local 790 urged members to wear purple and support the immigration protests, they did have to reschedule their own rally [PDF] for better contracts with The City for Thursday.

And since you don't have to be an undocumented immigrant to be overworked and underappreciated, remember that story of disenchantment with the labor practices at Electronic Arts? As reported by SFist Chuck, the Merc revealed the identity of the couple who took on Electronic Arts and won, Erin Hoffman and Leander Hasty. Well, Erin's started as a resource for folks in the industry to swap anecdotes about their employers. Which just goes to show: Si, se puede!

Photo by Matt Cohen. More photos of the San Francisco march from Matt, Thomas Hawk, Todd Lappin and Liz Henry on Flickr.