Nintendo gave bloggers-who-think-they're-funny a present on Thursday by announcing the new name for their upcoming Revolution console (). It's going to be called "Wii."

Seriously. With a "distinctive ii spelling" that's pronounced like "we," "wee," "oui," and "Wheee!" Early buzz has been somewhat less than favorable. In Nintendo's defense, the company was forced to come up with a distinctive name to compete with another upcoming console, the Sony Deuxdi.

Kotaku has an entry about our state assemblyman, Leland Yee, and his ongoing quest to ride the coattails of the hot-button topic of the moment keep our kids safe from Grand Theft Auto. Yee spoke with a writer for gaming site, defending his position as being in the best interest of kids while still preserving the free speech rights for adults. Hal Halpin of the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association responded to the article by pointing out that the statistics Yee used while making his argument were inaccurate, and that videogame merchants do just as good a job at policing themselves as movie theaters do.

News on Redwood Shores' favorite "sweat shop", after the jump.

Image from the Dutch site Puppycursus in Zeist which we can't read but looks awesome.

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