Nancy Pelosi maybe the second most powerful Dem in the country, but that doesn't mean she's getting any love from us hometown folks. For some, it's because if it wasn't for the fact she was constantly referred to as a "San Francisco Liberal" most of us wouldn't know she was our Congressman (Congresswoman? Congressperson? Congresswomyn?). For others, it's because she hasn't used her position as minority leader of a minority party to end the war, impeach the President, AND pass laws only allowing dolphin free tuna. As a result, progressive types have started up a movement to draft up Matt Gonzalez to run against Pelosi. Because nothing makes progressives swoon more than when the Shaggy Haired One bats his big, beautiful eyes in their direction.

There's only two problems with all of this:

First off, Matt says he doesn't want to run.

And second of all, there already is a Green candidate for Congress, Krissy Keefer. Keefer runs a local dance troupe and has as her main qualifications for congress playing Taiko drums at peace rallies and producing a dance piece against Global Warming. We might also add that she is quickly becoming our favorite candidate and might vote for her just to see her on C-Span doing interpretive dances on tax policy. "See, those jazz hands! They represent the regressive nature of recent capital gains and dividend income policies!"

Anyways, this is all making the Green party kind of nervous, as they're afraid the Shaggy Haired One will divide the Green Party and pull the same thing to Keefer as he did to Ammiano. For his part, Matty G. keeps on saying over and over again that he won't run, even calling in the Willie and Willie show this morning to deny it. On the other hand, rule #3 in running for elective office is to keep on denying you're going to run as a way of getting more attention to your campaign for denying that you're going to run. And while the Bay Guardian seems to be down for the idea, Beyond Chron issued an editorial saying that Matt running would be a bad idea as he'll only get crushed and his subsequent crushing will hurt the Cause. Better Keefer get crushed than Matt, we guess.