Erin Fein, keyboardist and singer of Headlights, submitted to the interview process mid tour. If you haven’t heard of Headlights yet, don’t sweat it. They just have one EP out right now—the Enemies EP. A copy of this came across our desk last week, and we’ve had it on constant rotation ever since. We particularly like the song, “It Isn’t Easy to Live that Well” which you can check out here. Headlights are definitely and indie-popish band, but their sound is a surprising departure from a lot of recent releases. Pop Matters has a good review of them which you can read here.

Normally, SFist interview subjects give you a glimpse into our beloved city. Since we’re already breaking the rules today, we decided to mix that up as well, although it turns out that some SF questions don’t work quite as well in the Midwest. Erin’s guide is to Champaign-Urbana Illinois, a lovely town (we’re sure), and one that is harder to find guidebooks for than our fair city. If you’ve been there before, let us know in the comments if Erin’s version of the town will do our readers right.

True or False: Headlight shows are dangerous?
False...headlights shows are not exactly dangerous... except that we might rock your face off. It happens.

Dream concert line up/ venue/bands/ fans from city of your choice.
New Pornographers and Belle and Sebastian in any city would be awesome. One of the best shows we missed this year.

What city has the best fans?
Any city where kids like original music and will come to shows even if they've never heard of your band.

What's the best show you've ever played?
The Polyvinyl/ Kork showcase at Emos for SXSW this year with the M's, Of Montreal, Aloha, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Owen, Octopus Project, many good bands.

The Enemies EP is great, but short. When can we hear more?
Thanks! We just finished our first full length. It will be out on august 22nd of this year.

Once sentence: Why San Francisco should see you play tonight?
Because we love tequila and that makes us fun.