SFist Jon, on the East Coast this week, took a break from his family vacation to excitedly email us that our boy Gavin's featured in national magazine photo spread, this time for Vanity Fair! It's their Green Issue, featuring on the cover Julia Roberts dressed as a tree, and a very embarrassed-looking (and SF resident) Al Gore at Julia's crotch level.

Newsom's in a two-page photo spread of Mayors Who Support The Environment, one page after solar-power advocate Ed Norton, and 9 pages after Republican Governors Who Support The Environment, with girly-greeny man Arnold Schwarzenegger and a wan, post-appendectomy George Pataki. Newsom got the shout-out for promoting recycling.

We'd show you the VF picture but it's not online -- so you'll have to look at it in the checkout line at Safeway. On the bright side, Gavin is the only mayor who doesn't have a potbelly. On the down side, he looks vaguely embarrassed about being in the picture at all. You can see him thinking, I'd much rather be lying on a carpet right now.

Don't worry, Gavin, we here at SFist will make your recycling dreams come true! So best is back!

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