Caltrain service is delayed in both directions this morning after a suicidal man jumped in front of a northbound train at Mountain View around 7:15 a.m. today. As of around 9:30, Caltrain announced that it's got one track of service going around the scene; call 1-800-660-4287 for more information.

What's the number (408) 850-6125 up there in the title of this post? That's the number for Contact Cares, the Silicon Valley suicide prevention hotline. Please, if you're feeling depressed, call the number and talk to someone about it. Not just because your life is important and valuable (which it is), but also because (selfishly) no one likes having their commute disrupted either. Do we really need to discuss whether Caltrain has to move to the Japanese model of charging bereaved families for suicide-related costs?

Update: Doh! A second person's been killed today, by another Caltrain around noon, near Redwood City. The buses shuttling people at Mountain View earlier this morning will be driving up to Redwood City to do more shuttle service until the tracks are cleared again.

Picture from CBS 5.