If obnoxious and smelly French people show up in your restaurant and make a scene, just accommodate them kindly. It might not be the Michelin reviewer, but it might be us all the same. If the Michelin list proves too selective, as only a handful will get the highest rating, you can always refer yourself to the more inclusive San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 restaurant list for 2006, unveiled last week-end. We were absolutely shocked --flabbergasted!-- to see that our favorite, Winterland, did not make the cut. We cannot name three better restaurants in the Bay Area. Other shocker: the inclusion of Dosa as one of the token ethnic places, while it is far from being the best South Indian restaurant in the bay. And Little Star got robbed! It's the best darn pizza in this city, for Chrissake, it belongs there. Anyhow, your mileage will vary, but you can take a peek at the San Francisco restaurants below the jump.