Then again, judging from some of the responses we've seen, we're not sure if they're thorough or just trying to bore us to death. You'll see what we mean when you expand to read the correspondence between Muni and SFist Reader Jas, a "A twice daily 6,7,66,71 and occasionally J-Church and N-Judah rider."

"Often the next train to come through will be crush loaded and there will be even more delay as people cram in (because you just don't know if it will be another 10 minutes or not) and that delays the next train and so on..."

Image from Jamison's Flickr Page
"Trains from the three lines passing through Castro Station are supposed to come by every few minutes, but often end up with delays of up to 12 minutes, while the platform fills up with people coming from the feeder bus lines and the automated voice will count backwards.... 'Inbound trains.... Embarcadero... in 3 minutes' followed a few minutes later with 'Inbound trains.... Embarcadero... in 5 minutes'