Tired of squishy socks? You and the rest of the Bay Area -- today's wet weather makes it 25 days of rain in a <30-day [ days hath March!] month, making March 2006 the rainiest March in San Francisco since the meteorologists started keeping track. The previous wettest SF March was back in 1904, with a mere 23 days of rain. And if SF gets more than half an inch of rain today (looking outside our window, seems pretty likely), we'll also break the record for the most amount of rainfall in March (previous record set in 1983), with over 9 inches of water falling from the sky this month.

Oakland has also set a record for March with 21 days of rain this month. Their previous March record was back in 1980, with 20 days of rain. (Wonder why it didn't rain so much in Oakland back in 1904?) And the rain in San Jose today should tie that city's previous March record of 21 days of rain in 1981. No stats were given for Marin, but a mudslide in Sausalito and flood warnings for the North Bay have them on edge too.

The rain's predicted to keep coming down through next week.