Let's check in with San Francisco couple of the moment, CSI: Plumpjack -- how's the love blossoming between Mayor Gavin Newsom and actress/Scientology activist Sofia Milos?

Leah Garchik reports that CSI: Plumpjack made an appearance at Willie Brown's 72nd birthday party, hosted up in wine country by big Democrat donor Darius Anderson, and then on Sunday afternoon, they caught a showing of that spelling bee musical. Are we the only ones who find that an interesting choice, in light of all of Newsom's press releases about being dyslexic?

And we're not sure if this is CSI: Plumpjack related or not, but SFist Jon pointed out to us that Newsom's doing a press conference tonight at 6:30 p.m. with John Travolta, where Newsom and the star of Battlefield Earth are scheduled to "exchange gifts." It's ostensibly to promote the arrival of Qantas Air to SFO, but -- who wants to bet that Travolta's "gift" is a copy of Dianetics? (Travolta says he's "glad Qantas is flying to San Francisco as I formed a great attachment to the city over the years." We're sure he has!)

Oh, it's so TomKat! Soon Gavin will be striving to give birth silently too!

Picture of Sofia Milos and John Travolta at Scientology event