It all started so innocently -- we got a release telling us about the Defenestration Literary Journal Launch Party at the Rickshaw stop. Being accomodating folks, we added this event to our Wednesday event column, and, since their release didn't include a link, we googled "Defenestration Literary Journal", got a link to this publication, and used it in the post.

What's the point to this thrilling behind-the-scenes look at SFist's editorial process? Well, within hours of our post, we got an email from the editor of the to which we linked.

You have a link for my magazine, "Defenestration", on your website. We are in no way affiliated with this new magazine, "Defenestration Journal". Please remove our website. Also, could you please provide me with some information on how our website was linked to a different 'zine?

Totally understandable response on their part -- if we read an article about some other site calling themselves "SFist" (though why they'd choose to is beyond us, as the constant questions on the pronunciation of our name and the subsequent explanation that "no, it's not a site about fisting" get old real fast) and then the article linked to this site, we'd be pissed. We've worked pretty hard to "build the brand" or whatever marketingspeak terms you wanna use. We sympathized, corrected our post and went on with our lives.

But there's more to this story -- after the jump.

Yet another Defenestration, this one about the 1997 art installation at 6th and Howard in good old PJ-partying SF