Are we SFist Jon today or what? Not only do we feel slightly cranky about this new Bonds on Bonds TV show (it should at least be Barry Bonds talking about low-risk investment choices, we feel), but we also got caught up in a bomb-related public transportation shutdown!

Right as we were heading into MUNI to meet a friend for lunch, we heard the incomprehensible PA give the usual Peanuts-style announcement: mwah-mwah-mwah, mwah-mwah, all BART trains stopped at the Embarcadero, mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah. , we thought smugly. We're taking MUNI!. No luck: as we fast-passed on through, we heard the lady in the booth say, "all trains are stopped, but you might be able to catch the very last one leaving the Embarcadero now."

No such luck on our part (though we did, like an idiot, look down the tunnel Embarcadero-wards just to hasten our doom in case there really was a deadly fire or toxic fumes racing their way towards us) -- the last train had already left. So we schlepped up to street level and took a bus to meet our friend -- where we then promptly ran smack dab into the immigrant protests down Market. In a further SFist Jon moment, we also noticed many, many people sneaking on our bus (the first bus after the underground tunnel was shut down), without paying. Freeloaders!

Well, on the bright side, at least there weren't any cow torsos or anything. Turns out there was a "suspicious package" by the Federal Reserve (at Market and Spear, right by the Embarcadero stop), and as a safety precaution, they closed off the Embarcadero MUNI and BART tunnels. All trains are running normally now.

The picture of the scene, above, is by Thomas Hawk.