One of the great charms of dog-friendly San Francisco is the numerous places where dogs are allowed off-leash. Legally. The city lists two dozen parks around town. Sadly, there are many places remaining that do not allow dogs, which causes many to be tied up to parking meters and such while their guardians conduct important consumerism.

A fellow named Jon has made it his life’s work to chronicle the dogs of SF that are hitched to things via a leash. He has documented hundreds of examples of animals left stranded on the sidewalk, wondering if and when their meal ticket may reappear and take them home.

If only more businesses could be non-speciesist like our next bar – the 500 Club at 17th and Guerrero. You have to love this part of the Mission. You can’t swing a dead cat over your head and not hit a dog friendly bar. At the 500 Club, while dogs can come in, there really isn’t much for the canine crowd inside – no food, no treats and no water dish. Just a nice warm carpet to sit on and cushy booths to lounge in. Better than being left tied to a light post by a leash, but really only worth 1 St. Bernard.

Image from Dogblog

By SFists Stan and Bailey, contributing