Y is for Yuppy Marina which is where four girlfriends travelled to check out a fairly new sushi bar that we had read good things about . Yuzu is a modern, minimalist and sleek venue with grey slate floors and a lofty ceiling that gives the place the aura of museum cafe.

On the night we visited, Yuzu was noticeably understaffed, but the apologies and sincerity of our servers made up for any slowness we encountered. We weren't in a hurry so gossiping, not speed-eating was on our minds and the dosy service didn't bug us. Start with a drink, or two, or three, or... If you not quite sure which kind of Sake you prefer, then dive into one of their selection of flights which are neatly presented on little wooden stands that each hold four generous pours of the featured rice wine and are priced between $8 and $10. The sakes are neatly labelled so you can keep track of your favourites as you imbibe.