Newsom's beleaguered this week! So beleaguered we broke it down into two posts!

While the Chron calls up all the supervisors to get an explication of their beef, the Examiner reports that representatives from Walk SF are questioning Newsom as well, in light of the mayor's office's unprecedented offering of $10,000 for information concerning the hit-and-run death of jogger Ashlyn Dyer in the Presidio. (Because of the Examiner's strange new web design, we can't give you a link to the article, but it's on page 5 if you want to download the .pdf or, you know, read a hard copy.)

Now, obviously, Walk SF and everyone in the city agree that Ms. Dyer's death is terrible and we sincerely hope the people responsible step up. But, as Walk SF notes, there's been so many hit-and-run deaths in San Francisco lately, for which the mayor's office has never offered a reward. What about lesbian hipster Sarah Tucker's death, for instance? Or, as Walk SF asked, Benjamin Weaver, killed last month on Bayshore and Silver?

Newsom's press secretary, Peter Ragone, says they offered the reward only because there's no leads for Ms. Dyer's accident, and asks if there were any leads on Weaver. (Answer: looks like no. No leads on Tucker either, beyond "black SUV with dent in door.")

Whenever our big sister site Gothamist runs an article about high-profile crime, the comments light up like a Christmas tree about whether the media is only interested in straight upper-middle class white women getting killed. Obviously we hope they find the person who hit Ms. Dyer. But it doesn't seem wrong for Walk SF to wonder why Ms. Dyer is getting more focused attention than everyone else either. Okay, guys, tear into us for this one.

Picture from Gay City News