Gavin Newsom's beleaguered this week! So beleaguered we're breaking it down into two posts!

Newsflash one: The Chron reports that various city supervisors are annoyed that Gavin makes no effort to communicate with them, calling him "isolated." To wit:

*Chris Daly says that Newsom never bothered letting him know that the budget committee needed to approve more money for the police academy before going to the press and whine-whine-whining that Chris hates him. "Basically he's lying in saying that he's prioritized that and he's attempting to take a political swipe at me, but it ain't gonna work because the facts are on my side," says Chris. (you can just hear the fist shaking, can't you?)

*Ross Mirkarimi says Newsom refuses to meet with him about J-Town redevelopment and has ordered staffers not to talk to him about the situation. "His involvement in this deal worries me that this is more about vanity than it is about principle," says Ross (you can just hear the bass, can't you?)

*Aaron Peskin says Newsom called him on a Sunday to cancel a meeting they had about how best to spend the budget surplus, because he had "a friend from LA" in town. " we imagine Newsom saying. Peskin described it as "frustrating," and says, "There's no law that says people have to like each other. But it's critical to put personalities aside." (you can just hear him struggling to be reasonable, can't you?)

And it's not just the leftier-wing supes getting ignored; word has it that even Newsom's buddies Alioto-Pier and Elsbernd are a little miffed that Newsom keeps taking credit for their ideas too. (They refused to comment for the article.)

Newsom defended himself by saying he has an open-door policy but no one ever comes to his office to chat. He also says he's still friends with Tom Ammiano. We imagine long lunches at the City Hall rotunda cafe, where Newsom talks and talks and talks about Sofia Milos, while Tom nods politely and internally makes a list of all the things he wants to do later that afternoon.

Picture from the Gay City News

"I'm sorry, my favorite TV show is on. CSI Plumpjack!