We at SFist are constantly on the search to make life better for you, and what could be better than flying like a superhero through our fave city via Google Earth, or racing around in a totally rad Pole Position car? When that gets old, here's a few more ways to use maps with an API interface that actually are helpful.

We'll assume that everyone knows about the AC Transit and MUNI Nextbus apps and skip right to those who choose to use their own feet.

Walkjogrun.net has a beta interface up that will let you see what routes other people are running in your neck of the woods, and let you post your own. It's easy to create a route, but because the route won't automatically follow a road, if the road bends you have to make a new click, which breaks down the run into way too many segments. But it is useful for anyone who wants to see what others in their neighborhood are running, or find the true distance on their favorite route. Although we have to say, Oakland has 223 routes, San Francisco has 181, but San Jose only has 1? Off the couches, loafers!

SFist Jacob, contributing. After the jump, maps for dogs, finding hot people, and your first kiss