Sure, Lamb is a real sour apple who desperately needs a pie in the face, and C-SPAN is, well, C-SPAN, but his guest was none other than Adonal Foyle, Golden State's serviceable NBA center. (It's a good thing we were able to watch him on C-SPAN Sunday, because we sure didn't see much of him out on the court.)

During the hour-long discussion, Lamb stiffly inquired about Foyle's Horatio Alger experience; probed his political advocacy; tip-toed delicately around the elephant in the room, Foyle's NBA career; and even got Foyle to read his neomarxist-leninist-maoist ode to CAFTA, "We Too Can Build Computer Chips." Stick it to The Man AF!

Foyle isn't shy about getting his message out there, and much has been written about his childhood and political activism. He's a passionate advocate for campaign finance reform, and for all the right reasons too. Pointing out that if elections are for the public good, they should be funded for the public good, Foyle envisions a political system in which all segments of society have equal access. You're dreamin' big man, but we're with you.