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A normal-dressed girl, speaking to a man dressed as an Imperial Officer (who was eating a burger and fries): "Yeah, I got here late. I looked at the clock and it was already 11, and I was still cleaning my armor."
-- At Wondercon/Submitted by Rain

Personal Trainer/Bartender: "You know what the great thing is about strippers? You can say things to them that would bounce off real girls."
-- Nova @ 2nd & Bryant

The scene: Two Puerto Rican women are riding Bart. One mentions that she's going skiing in Tahoe.
Response: "Girl, you crazy; you know Puerto Rico ain't got no damn snow for a reason -- Puerto Ricans do not belong on skis, we belong on hammocks."
-- Richmond bound train, from 24th and Mission/Submitted by Jorge

Valet in front of chi-chi restaurant with a super sleek Ferrari parked in front: "Yeah, you need that to distinguish yourself nowadays. Everybody has a Porsche, it's the new Honda."
-- Submitted by Cedric