While we loved the SF Bay Guardian's podcasting piece last year, we felt kinda like the Chron needed a pat on the head and a cookie when they ran yet another lame duck piece on sex podcasting last weekend telling us for the second time that our friend Susie Bright is a local sex podcaster, when in fact she is neither local nor does she have a podcast. (Santa Cruz based Bright has a pay-for-play Audible radio show; podcasts are free audio files with subscrption-enabling RSS tag enclosures published in a blog format -- big, big difference.)

We undertsand it's not like anyone has time to read last Summer's Wall Street Journal or Newsweek, which held up a veritable sign with a big red arrow pointing to the world of San Francsico sex podcasting. Even if it was a pretty neon blinky sign big enough to point out the fact that we're just filthy with these internationally popular aural sex-a-holics.

But wait, you say -- what is this wonderful filthiness, the untold sex podcasting riches that have gone so woefully overlooked? Behold a sample of some internationally (and extremely) popular local sex podcasters, sure to make your iPod feel used in all the right ways.

Photo: Whorecast: Melissa Gira