Ars Technica covers a few other Google-related stories this week: Ken Fisher gives his review of Google Video, his disappointment with the service, and what he thinks is the company's reasoning for introducing it early. Nate Anderson talks about Google, Sun, and Lenovo's anti-spyware coalition, and also a spectacularly crass and greedy lawsuit against the company and its implications for the future of Google and copyright law.

And two Yahoo VPs are denying that the company is giving up on search and pledging a commitment to innovation and new products. They don't contradict statements made earlier by Yahoo execs, but merely clarify those statements: Yahoo never claimed to be abandoning its search engine, simply that it wasn't aiming to crush Google in an attempt to be number one.

That's all the linkage we have time for, since we're still busy writing up our proposal on how Google can free all oppressed people of Earth, end world hunger, and invent a perpetual motion engine.

Image from the Students for a Free Tibet website