Being that we haven't actually read Frey's book, we weren't too perturbed over the Smoking Gun's story. We didn't read the book and come away from it thinking, "Wow. I can't believe one man came out of that story alive. Like, in real life and everything!"

But being addicted to the Oprah show, we just had to watch Frey try and defend himself against the wrath of Queen Winfrey. And let us tell you, it wasn't pretty. It was, perhaps, one of the most uncomfortable television interviews we've ever seen. Only one word came to mind as we watched, and that was "squirm." There was more squirming in this interview than in the entire movie Squirm. If you're sorry you missed it, we THINK the show is available to watch on the Oprah site (although we couldn't get the video to work), and her show is usually repeated on channel 7 at 1:05 a.m. every night. Set those TiVos!

Also interesting: A few weeks back, when the controversy first started, we thought about requesting the book from the library, just to see what got so many people raving about it in the first place. We were amused to see that there were over 100 requests for holds on the book already, but even more amusing was the list of orders for additional copies the library had CANCELLED. Looks like local readers will just have to fight it out over the 27 copies the library already has.

Just don't exaggerate those fights when you write your book about it, OK?