You might accuse us of being overly cynical with our doom-and-gloom predictions of Muni's impending Second Meltdown, but nothing can mitigate that aspiring transit agency's daily f**k-ups. Case in point: the temporary re-routing of the 43. We don't know where to begin with the number of ways this could have been a minor inconvenience, but morphed into a major s**t-storm due to -- what? Incompetance? Laziness? Malice? We just can't figure out how it's possible for transit to suck so bad.

The facts: Until last Monday, the 43 ran north up Presidio Blvd, then wound its way past George's new LDAC, and finally exited the park heading east on Lombard. Simple enough. But the Presidio needed to trim trees along the route, a process that's scheduled to close down Presidio Blvd for three days, so Muni was forced to find an alternate route for the bus. Its solution defies all logic: it's difficult to understand, involves secret detours, provides a route into the Marina but not a way back out, and leaves riders facing massive delays at best, and lost in the Presidio at worst.

After the jump: we pick apart the cock-ups -- with pictures! -- and also why we've been worked up into such a mad frenzy.