Yesterday, DiFi, who was actually on the Senate Judicial Committee but whose usual dignified and respectful tone got her unnoticed between Biden's buffoonery and the Kennedy/Specter cat fights, said that she'll oppose the nomination but that she doesn't think it filibuster worthy. In other words, she won't support Alito's nomination but won't go to the mat in fighting it. Quick SFist political analysis: this is what we call having it both ways with some icing and a cherry on top plus a root beer float on the side. This has already gotten the Kossacks over on Daily Kos into full fulmination mode as others have already started calling out the Dems for the wishy-washidness of their wishy washy-ness

No word yet from Babs, but considering she voted against the two-scoops of vanilla John Roberts, you could probably bet your bottom dollar that she'll also vote "nay" on Alito.