We keep saying we're going to start a We Read The Glossies column to cover San Francisco Magazine and 7x7, but you know, we just can't do it. As a very wise co-editor of ours once said, "it's like reading someone else's yearbook."

Well, there's even less reason to read the rapidly-diminishing content in the local glossies this month -- San Francisco magazine unilaterally pulled an article they were planning on running about sexual harassment allegations at the Thunder Valley casino near Sacramento (side note -- shouldn't Sacramento Magazine be running that article instead? Just a thought.) -- because the new publisher of SF Magazine was worried that Thunder Valley's owner would pull their advertising out of the magazine (for the other casino they own, the Red Rock). However, the Thunder Valley owners were like, "we didn't lodge any complaints about it at all."

The new publisher, Modern Luxury, is refusing to comment, and the president of the magazine was all like, "well, yes, we did pull the piece, but it was for a lot of different reasons." The executive editor is fuming, not the least because the story then got snapped up by Salon, which ran it today. (We don't have the attention span to sit through that ad they make you sit through to read their articles, but we'll give you the link anyways.)

John Burks, a SFSU journalism prof (who was a editor at SF Magazine's former incarnation, San Francisco Focus) is hopping mad about the whole thing. "I don't think of myself as the Lone Ranger, but if you're going to do that, why do journalism? Why not just put out catalogs?" Or yearbooks!