Once again, SFist is here to stick up for ol' Harmon, as he's run into controversy yet again in his most recent SF Weekly Infiltrator column, "Dieter Gone Wild."

In this episode, Harmon's mission was infiltrating the AVN awards. Harmon must have gotten turned around on the highway, because the AVN awards were in Las Vegas, and Harmon seemed to end up at a nightclub in Los Angeles. You can understand that we're all a bit jumpy, considering recent events.

After getting through to the switchboard via the classified sales desk, we left a message for Executive Editor Tom Walsh, whom we've contacted before. One unexpected grilling about who we were later (um, how about best local blog as chosen by the Weekly?), he let us know that they could verify Harmon was at the FOXE Awards in Los Angeles, and that they'll be issuing a correction.

Harmon wrote to say, "[T]he copy editor got it wrong. It was the FOXE Awards and it happened a few years back. They were supposed to put that in the lead and didn't." Which raises the question: Why are we fact checking Harmon's work? We don't see an opening for fact-checkers at the Weekly, so the position must already be filled, right? It's not like it involves anything more than a familiarity with Google search.

Photo from MetroActive by Mike Perrson. Thanks to our anonymous tipster for first pointing this out to us!