Just our luck, though, is that there are some good options for making better use of our no-longer-needed items.

First, Buffalo Exchange is going to get our old mink and fox fur coats. What? We used to live in the tundra - we them. Through April 22nd, you can drop off your fur (or faux fur) items at any Buffalo Exchange and they'll be given to the Humane Society for use in their animal rehabilitation programs. From the HSUS website, a description that slays us:

The furs are cut into an appropriate size for the animal, whether it be a chipmunk, raccoon, squirrel, or opossum, and placed inside the animal's enclosure. The furry blanket becomes a surrogate mother to orphaned animals, reducing stress and giving comfort....Some animals adopt a piece of fur as a playmate, jumping on it and wrestling with it.


With contributions from SFist Lisa