On Sunday, the Governator was rushed to the hospital after a motorcycle accident in Brentwood. Everyone involved is okay, but the Governor now has himself a big, fat lip and fifteen stitches. What happened is that Arnie was riding along Brentwood in his Harley-Davidson with his son Patrick in the sidecar when a neighbor in a SUV (oh, wouldn't it have been awesome if it was a Hummer?) pulled out of their driveway and didn't see the motorcycle. After the collision, Arnie got up from the motorcycle and blasted the SUV with a machine gun, causing a huge fireball to explode over the hills.

Afterwards, all involved said the accident was just an accident and no charges have been filed. If we were the dude who caused the accident, though, we'd totally be careful what we'd say over the phone. No word on whether Arnie used his accident to try and bond with wounded soldiers back from Iraq like a certain President we know.