Somehow, they managed to screw up and not get enough signatures to qualify their initiative to amend the state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage.

They needed 598,105 signatures, but they didn't get 'em. While we'd like to think that this means that people are sick of freaky homophobes getting up in their s**t, we're not sure that we're that forward-thinking as a people quite yet. We have a really a hard time believing that there weren't 598,105 anti-gay-marriages signators out there unless ).

Maybe the FRC realized that they were on the wrong side of a losing battle, and have yet to revise their site to reflect this revelation. Or maybe they just messed up. Who knows what goes on behind those doors?

Opponents of the present state law (which defines marriage as between a man and a woman) expect to have their case heard in the San Francisco appeals court next year.

insert homophobe illiteracy rate joke here