Feeling a bit nervous about squeezing into that rubber catsuit for any City Hall Getty-esque holiday fund-raising affairs we're to be invited to this weekend, we're so ready for a little bump and grind workout. One of our favorite local burlesque performers, Bombshell Betty is offering two drop-in Burlesquercise classes tonight, "Introduction to Burlesque Dance" at 7pm and her brand-new "Burlesque Toning and Conditioning" ($20 for one, $30 for both). Here we hope to learn how to strut and shimmy our fruitcake-laden hips, for sure, but also to learn a few new moves to bust out and knock that bitch Arianna off the dance floor. Or at least look a bit cooler when we're wasted, crying, and mewling "Ohmigawd this is MY SONG!" at the company holiday party.

We know Betty can teach us how to bring it, old-skool style (like, skool in the 1950s). Plus, we're also looking forward to next year, when we'll be taking her two day Pinup Modeling Workshops, including "Pinup Posing And Retro Hairstyling Workshop" and Professional Makeup Session And Photo Shoot" -- from which we walk away with a disk of photos for our portfolio, professional makeup and hair lessons and sexy poses for our new internet careers. Which we'll surely need after we embarrass ourselves through the holidays.

Class info: Tonight Wednesday December 21, "Introduction to Burlesque Dance" at 7pm and "Burlesque Toning and Conditioning" at 8:30 ($20 for one, $30 for both, 3435 Cesar Chavez @ Mission, drop-ins welcome). Two day Pinup Modeling Workshops: "Pinup Posing And Retro Hairstyling Workshop" Saturday, January 7 at 1pm; Professional Makeup Session And Photo Shoot" Saturday, January 14 12pm ($245 for both workshops, same location, pre-registration required).

SFist Violet, contributing.