Europe, of course, has banned capital punishment for years. As has much pretty much most of the Western world, as well as pretty much most of the rest of the world. Which is why his decision isn't playing well in Austria. To protest Arnie's decision on Tookie, the Austrian Green Party started getting signatures to change the name of the stadium in Graz, Arnie's hometown, which is named after Herr Governator. Hey, getting signatures to make some symbolic statement that won't change a thing-- the Austrian Greens are just like our Greens. A Christian political group is trying to get the stadium named after Tookie, showing that they're Christian political groups are not like ours. The local Social Democrats, the equivalent of our Democratic party, also supports the move.

The move is gaining momentum but is being opposed by most of the conservative parties in the state who are also furiously collecting signatures to oppose the Green's signature collecting.

Also speaking out against the execution was the Pope, who took time off from trying to rid the Church from gay people to issue a statement in condemnation of Arnie. If in Arnie's next big movie, the bad guy is some old dude in a silver and gold lame outfit with a triangular hat, you'll know why.