Aside from the personal glee that SFist took from having an air of moral superiority snatched from the current administration, we were moved by Gore’s talk. Inspired actually. Environmental issues are something of a family legacy for us, and yet we’ve never felt so compelled to action as we did by Gore’s speech—whoever has criticized Gore for not being a charismatic speaker really needs to check out his newest act.

We haven’t been able to find the presentation that Gore gave (if any reader could post a link to in the comments we’d be forever grateful) but the links throughout this post lead to similar speeches and sites that have things you can do to have an impact on global warming. Also some really scary science for those who say global warming is a theory-- search this topic in google and you'll find an enormous number of sites devoted to debunking what they claim isn't proven. Right. Any google-ers out there that can fix the rankings on this topic?