As part of our big fun December, we're giving away lots of stuff, including review copies of materials previously discussed on the site. Why? Because we like you!

For example, do you remember this post? One of the books discussed is the great Smoke and Guns, about which was said:

As a former cigarette girl herself, Kirsten Baldock had plenty of material to mine for Smoke and Guns, a Sin-Cityish shoot-em-up about warring gangs of sexy cigarette girls -- one of whom is seemingly invincible and may be called upon to lead her clan to victory. Quoth SFist_Jeremy: "The best thing about Smoke and Guns is it's just plain fun. A little silly, yeah -- but if you can suspend your disbelief and delve into a world where competing gangs of cigarette girls rule the streets, you'll have a really enjoyable read. The art is a little exaggerated and comical, which really lends itself to this aspect, yet still sets a sometimes-grim atmosphere--ideal for this sort of tale."

Want to win our SFist copy of Smoke and Guns, signed by the author? Then enter below by midnight tonight. Good luck!