In a location where our car gets broken into and vandalized on a regular basis, we are not surprised that there are people who for some reason think it's clever, smart or even fun to go and spoil the very things that are intended to improve our hood. Trees, still in their buckets ready to be planted, have been stolen or trashed. Others have been mown down. "Hey man", says the hippy on the street, "trees have feelings too, what ever they ever done to hurt you?"

Dog Patch is definitely still in its pre-gentrification period. In some ways we like living in an industrial wasteland but it is not always easy. We can't get DSL or cable and don't even get us started on how painful it can be to try and get a cab to show up at our door.

At least it's peaceful, for now, that is until the new Third Street Light Rail gets going next year. Then, we are sure we will be back to complain about the noise or something else.