It was a day like any other, we recall, when Isotope Comics suddenly fell into our lap -- and then, in a blur of capes and shotguns, we were off on the wildest adventure of our lives. Isotope's a swanky/friendly joint at 326 Fell (that's Hayes-Valley-ish), where comix from mainstream to obscure mingle amongst cozy chairs, original art framed by toilet seats, and strange creatures suspended in jars of fluid. It's the kind of place where you could get utterly lost in stories and never, ever be seen again. And now, thanks to the support of the Isotopians, SFist is pleased to inaugurate a brand new weekly feature, in which we'll be bringing you news of the novelly graphic in the bay area.

Blipping on our fist-dar this week are , illustrated by local Manny Bello and written by LA-based Adam Breechan, as well as Smoke and Guns, written by local Kirsten Baldock, and illustrated by Brazillian-based Fabio Moon, who also did art for the anthology Gunned Down in which SFist_Jeremy's story "The New Freedom" appears.

After the jump: henchmen! Screaming brains! Death's kid! And, for traditionalists, the man in blue tights. And stay tuned for further installments of this brand new feature, as it moves to its regular timeslot on Fridays.