Also not shown was the big, first place battle between Michael Vick's Falcons and the Tampa Bay Bucs. As well as the old skool defensive battle between Da Bears and the Panthers that had everyone talking '85 Bears. We also didn't get a chance to see the big Giants/Eagles game and for anyone who has ever lived in the East Coast knows, a big, late-fall throw down between two NFC East rivals is the kind of game that one can just hear John Facienda calling.

What we did see, however, was a Raiders/'Skins yawner, a battle between a boring team already out of it and a boring team rapidly falling out of it. Unless you're a Raiders fan, that game held no interest to anyone unless they had someone on their fantasy team (like us). What did the other channel, that being FOX, show instead? An interview with Don "Chuckles" Rumsfield. Football, football everywhere, but not a good game to see.

Why, oh why can't we see good football games?