You know, public schools just can't win. Up here in San Francisco, it's a constant "our schools are failing and segregated," so affluent upper-middle-classers have to spend gajillions of dollars on private schools or leave the city. But down in Cupertino....! The Wall Street Journal reports that Caucasian families are unhappy with their public schools too, to the point where they're also opting out of the Santa Clara public school system -- but not because the schools are bad. Rather, parents are unhappy because the schools have become too rigorous. Is this an Onion article or what?

White families in Cupertino complain that Caucasian children are in the minority and the constant academic pressure is bad for their children's self-esteem. Other Caucasian families complain that there are too many math and science classes at Monta Vista High, and not enough sports teams. One mother says she would never have moved to Cupertino if she'd realized "how much it would change" (now, what do you think means?), while Asian-American families note that no one in (whiter) Palo Alto seems to have a problem with its competitive high school academic scene and wonder if it's got something to do with race.

That said, it's also true that in Cupertino, the lower-level classes are the only ones with diverse enrollment -- and an overall 3.0 GPA puts you in the bottom third of your class. Man, we are so glad we're done with school. This Asian-American sucks at math.